There is a new program at Safe Waters Foundation (SWF) and this is your opportunity to get in at the ground level.


Partners believe in the core values, principles and goals of SWF.  They subscribe to the concept that we get more done when we do things as a community - together we can maintain and grow a vital community of undersea lovers.  Partners are honored community members who have stepped up in a big way - together we are bigger and better than our individual efforts.


Partners become known as committed leaders in the Undersea Community. The program will build awareness and multiply your marketing efforts in Second Life. Rather than competing for customers like pieces of the pie, partners are helping to “make the pie bigger," benefiting us all.

Partners get a much more visibility at SWF Headquarters.

We have a brand new Partner Emporium building.  Your logo is highlighted in this building, and there will be *direct portals* so that visitors can teleport to each partner's site

They have a medium-sized adboard at SWF that does not require the ongoing renewals of normal adboards.  They are committed to a calendar year, and we at SWF are committed to promoting them.  No more losing your chosen spot!

In addition, partners get exposure throughout Second Life:

  • We encourage partners to be a part of a network of locations and kiosks - by establishing an official SWF Hangout at their sim.  The network brings people to hangout locations with the information cards available in the kiosk.
  • Partners receive exposure at the major SL events that SWF participates in (including Fantasy Faire, SL Birthdays and Second Pride).  Our information booths promote awareness of undersea SL and encourage people to explore the fun UNDER the sea..
  • Partners get special recognition of the SWF web site:  www.safewatersfoundation.com
  • Partners can send notices to our very popular group !!!Safe Waters Foundation


  • Partners donate an annual fee of $1200 lindens.  All donations are used to improve communications, customer service and marketing outreach efforts.  All the work of SWF has always been done by volunteers - we have no paid staff and no funds go to personal use.
  • Partners have the option of nominating one SWF Mentor and one SWF Officer candidate.  We really want to broaden our mentors -- who work at their own pace, level of expertise and schedule.  SWF started as a mer resource but has broadened and would love to include other undersea sorts of mentors if we can find them.  We strongly oppose over-committing and strongly support RL first.  Talk to our members to verify it.  We are helping each other grow the undersea world.
  • Partners have input into the policy and actions of SWF.  The SWF leadership team is very aware that communication requires active listening.  We want to hear ideas, suggests and warnings of feared consequences..  Partners approach SWF with a positive approach of mutual trust and good communication.  Management decisions still remain in the hands of our CEO, with the recommendations of the Board of Directors.  Partners are on the path to being part of our board if they have such an interest.
  • I firmly believe that our undersea community is as lively and vital as its members.  We have to all pitch in to keep traffic flowing.  Nobody has a magic wand to drive people to visit the aquatic sims.  You'll hear me asking for more volunteers in the future -- I think the SWF goals are vital and worth striving for.

Our partnership program is meant to show your commitment to our community.  Together lets make people aware that there is fun undersea and there are ways to help them find it.

GraceSWF Wrigglesworth